Africa's first global anime project

Born out of total mystery, Baba lives in a time where Africa is scourged by slavery and colonialism. After failing in the tournament to be king, he goes on a journey to find his father and to understand his genealogical history. This self searching journey leads Baba to aquire the powers of Matsieng; The first human. He uses his new power to lead his team of heroes in freeing his country and all of MamaLand (Africa) from slavery and oppression.



Fatboe is a 2d animation project that brings us a lot of joy to be part of. It thrives on dark humor. Though not offensive to individuals, such humor brightens anchors on things people wish to say, but don't have the courage to say out loud.

First release will be in Tswana and later dubbed in English due to the show's ambition of being the first ever Tswana top quality animation project.


RONA: School Heroes

This is a community project that we are currently undertaking. A project soley created to help curb the spread of the corona virus by educating school going kids about the sensitivity of the pandemic. Its a story on school going children who use masks, sanitazers and other means of protection from covid 19 as superpowers to overcome the virus.